Saturday, 21 May 2011

Vinyl and Voicemails

Came across this a few weeks ago and it really made my day!

Robbie T and Phonetix have put out an entire album that is available for donations, (or free but u shud donate sumin u bunch of cheeky freeloaders!) It's packed full of awesome material with a nice range of styles that are all still very dancefloor orientated.

One of my top tracks on here is Phonetix 2 step mix of Mr Faizer "back in the day" which is one of my favourite MC based garage tracks at the moment. I always enjoy lyrics about struggling to come up in music, as I feel like its something alot of us can relate to. And the track is pure bouncy vibes!

My other 2 favourites are Robbie T's beautifully chopped up 4x4 remixes of "Mrs Jones" and Bill Withers "Lovely Day" which he's brilliantly re titled "Tetley Riddim."

Have a quick listen to the albums promo mini mix below if your not convinced, but this album is easily worth donating a fiver for the 3 tracks mentioned alone!

Phonetix & Robbie T - Vinyl & Voicemails LP Promo Minimix by phonetix

Get the full album here!

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