Wednesday, 1 June 2011

AdeNaz Productions

DJ Ade and Lady Naz (AdeNaz Productions) are banging out loads of fresh new tracks, but are keeping it strictly old skool UKG. None of this "Post Dubstep/Future Garage" stripped back moody ambient stuff, this is pure sexy party vibes!

These freebies include a remix of the classic Ce Ce Peniston- Finally, which featured on the most recent Total Garage Mix, and they got loads more stuff for listen only at their soundcloud including a collab with the legendary MC Hyperactive!

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Lady Naz and DJ Ade 2010 UKG remix) by AdeNazProductions

Ed Case and Melody - Tears and Drama (DJ Ade UKG remix) by AdeNazProductions

Solution - X-cited (DJ Ade 2010 2 step remix) by AdeNazProductions

Anything But Monday - Bump (DJ Ade UKG remix) by AdeNazProductions

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