Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Kontigo "The Lost Hours EP"

Gotta give you a heads up on upcoming debut release of an old friend Kontigo. Also a great beatboxer, he used to perform at the first night I ever ran in London many years ago. I wasn't even aware he was producing until he hit me up with these tracks yesterday, and what a pleasant surprise!

The EP features some beautiful forward thinking 2 step tracks, with sweet melodies and great vocals, as well as a remix from Future Garage's golden boy Submerse, which goes for a harder dancefloor approach to the original.

'Believe' rolls in on a wave of atmospheric euphoria, post-rave synths guiding you higher alongside the soulful vocal that underpins this garage anthem in the making. Glittering strings and melodies interweave with slow-motion bass pressure to create a piece of music that seems timeless, regardless of any genre or style.
Kontigo - Believe - SLM009 by slimetime

'Losing You' picks up the pace with an incredible garage roller, heartwarming vocal stabs cocooned in uplifting melodies that are reminiscent of the golden days of rave music. Skittering percussion will lead you on a total trip, but when the four to the floor kicks over!
Kontigo - Losing You - SLM009 by slimetime

'Here I Come' warps the template of the previous tracks, combining garage and dubstep pattern switches to devestating effect. Perfect for that strange time post-rave and pre-comedown, the melody will have you rushing all over again before the bassweight kicks this firmly back on the dancefloor.
Kontigo - Here I Come - SLM009 by slimetime

And although I prefer the original figure it's worth posting the Submerse Remix as well, as it is Submerse after all...
Kontigo - Stars Fall (Submerse Mix) - SLM009 by slimetime

Out 21st Feb on Slime Recording, through Juno Download and all good digital retailers.

And be sure to check out all the other great stuff on Kontogo's soundcloud.

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