Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Total Garage Vol 3

Total Garage took a break over the summer only to find out on our return to Manchester that Happiness, the venue we'd previously used had been shut down. Total Garage was officially homeless!

Luckily we had a perfect new location fall in our laps thanks to Gaz Chubb from Joshua Brooks who'd been championing our night from day one. And even tho our launch night fell during reading week (Not the best time for clubs in a city that relies on its student population), we still smashed it!

This is my personal favourite mix of the series so far, and features some great vocal cuts from back in the day, as well as fresh new anthems such as JME's take on Man Like Me's London Town.

1. Copasetic- Degree
2. Baby D versus Trick Or Treat- Let Me Be Your Fantasy
3. Hi Grade- The Jug Feat. Masters of The Ceremony- Do You Really Like It? (Larry Sun Mash)
4. Man Like Me- London Town (JME Rmx)
5. DJ Deekline Feat MC Hyperactive- Sexy Cinderalla
6. Lovestation- Teardrops (Flava Mix)
7. King Thing- Ballad of The Broken Nail
8. Funkstar Deluxe- Easy (Canblaster Rosewood Rework)
9. Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed (Dom HZ Rmx)
10. Andre 3000- Prototype (Dragon Remix)

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