Monday, 24 January 2011

Total Garage Vol 1

Might as well start where it all began. This is the 1st promo mix that was done for the launch of Total Garage back in May 2010.

Myself and a few friends felt that there wasn't any nights in Manchester dedicated to garage. Lots of nights where playing a bit of garage amongst genres derived from it such as, Dubstep & UK Funky, but there was nothing exclusively "Garage". It wasn't that we thought we'd found a gap in the market, we just wanted to put the night on for fun, as there was no one else doing it.

We couldn't believe the reception, when we completely rammed out the venue without printing a single flyer or poster!

Garage means different things to different people. Obviously everyone loves the old stuff, but now a whole new generation is getting into it post Dubstep, and we aim to represent Garage for everything it is, was, and can be.

1. KP & Envy- Shorty Swing My Way
2. Amar- Sometimes It snows In April
3. DJ Luck & MC Neat- Little Bit Of Luck
4. Craig David- Time To Party (Dragon Rmx)
5. Bass City Rollaz- Feel Tha Bass
6. The Garage All Stars- Vulture (???Rmx)
7. Monz- In My Head
8. Agent X- Decoy (Feat Fat Man Scoop Party Anthem Vocal)
9. 3 Of A Kind- Baby Cakes
10. Connected Ft. Max’C- A Feeling
11. The XX- Crystalized (Dark Sky Rmx)

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